What We Make

The HUB System

HUB 6 Refrigerant charging and analyzing kit

The HUB system is the most advanced refrigerant and airflow probe system for the HVACR technician

WRSX Scale System

WRSX refrigerant charging scale

The highest capacity version of our extremely rugged scale system that has an embedded display and rechargeable battery

WRS220 Scale

WRS220 refrigerant charging scale

A medium capacity version of the extremely rugged WRS scale system that includes a carrying case for use with a mobile

WRS110 Scale

WRS110 refrigerant charging scale

The 110lb capacity economy version of the most rugged and easiest to use scale for the HVACR technician.

Design and Engineering

Our products accomplish a job better than others through the elegant integration of hardware and software

Outside Content

Through our travels we are featured on other videos, podcasts, etc.  You can find them by clicking the button below.